Dead, but not forgotten.  I dried my birthday gift.
'Twas a sweet birthday gift to me <3


Does anyone know any fantasy/sci-fi/urban fantasy writing groups that one could join?

I don’t know where to look for one.

Never have pride on something so impermanent.
Anonymous asked:
BarakAllahu feek, may he shower you with happiness and grant you many more

Ameen. JazakAllah khairan. <3

Had my birthday yesterday and today was the last day of undergrad…

It’s cheesy saying this, but man, time sure did fly.

This was in the halls of UTSC (university). I&#8217;m honestly going to miss this campus more then I expected too.
Great way to end of campus life :&#8217;) haha.
Earlier I had planted some flowers, hoping they would bloom.
This is the first fruit of my labors.
I didn&#8217;t think they would be white.
As humans we are more similar then different. 
One always forgets that in war. That&#8217;s someone&#8217;s mother you shot. That was someone&#8217;s child. Someone&#8217;s infant. Someone&#8217;s ageing father. Innocents.
Thus, I&#8217;ll never understand media&#8217;s callous use of the euphemism, &#8220;collateral damage&#8221;.
A murder is a murder is a murder. Say it how it is. Own up to your actions. After all, you chose to commit the crime.