Earlier I had planted some flowers, hoping they would bloom.
This is the first fruit of my labors.
I didn’t think they would be white.
As humans we are more similar then different. 
One always forgets that in war. That’s someone’s mother you shot. That was someone’s child. Someone’s infant. Someone’s ageing father. Innocents.
Thus, I’ll never understand media’s callous use of the euphemism, “collateral damage”.
A murder is a murder is a murder. Say it how it is. Own up to your actions. After all, you chose to commit the crime.
This is a quote I can vouch for.
Thank you Kat :D God bless you too <3 (Hope your doing great :) )

Ramadan Mubarak to all the muslims here!
May this month of ours be awesome and beneficial for us all and may we create good habits that are sustained through out the rest of the year :)
(And dont forget to invite each other over for iftaar!)

The stories we write are the words we could never say, the things we could never do, the people we could never be.

At least it is with me.