In order to fall-out of love with something, you have to fall-in love with something else.

We, humans beings, were not made to remain empty.

Anonymous: Asalam Alaikum I was wondering what program your in currently, in university?

Walaikum Assalam,

I’m doing a double major in Psychology and New Media Studies. (New Media meaning I study both media’s hegemonic role in society as well as media tools in the industry (learning graphics, video editing, coding etc)

Have a good evening/day. :)

It feels quite good to make consistent habits that bring you closer to Islam. Like praying soon after it is time too, watching/ reading a few bits of wisdom and memorizing a dua/ surah to sweeten your tongue.


What I miss are the old stamp cards at the back of library books.
I miss the little thrill you got looking at the date and names of people who had read this book before you.
I dont know, but I felt connected to the others somehow. We had all shared that little world inside the book, even if we didn’t know it.


I think I would die if I did not have writing. There are just some feeling, emotions, and worries that you can’t voice. 

Writing can be that conduit, that voice for the voiceless, that obscure metaphor for those things your soul feels, yet cannot express.

It is with me. And I’m thankful I have at least this.